Extending our capabilities and reach beyond 2013

The Biovac Institute continues to build on its established foundation, expanding its infrastructure to meet its growing capabilities. The organisation’s operational facilities are based in Pinelands, Cape Town with an administration and distribution centre in Johannesburg.
The heart of The Biovac Institute ‘Centre of Excellence’, the Pinelands facility, houses several key functions including product development laboratories, quality control laboratories, vaccine manufacturing facilities as well as viewing, labelling and packaging facilities.

Key capabilities:

  • Viewing , packaging and labelling
    Biovac has currently licensed operations for viewing, labelling and packaging of vials.
  • Formulation and filling
    Biovac is in the process of completing the qualification of its commercial scale manufacturing facility. This modern multi-product facility will house operations for vaccine formulation and aseptic filling of vials and future pre-filled syringe to the highest international standards. Supporting these operations are high quality systems for clean steam, water for injection, purified water, compressed air, data montoring, particle monitoring and building monitoring.
  • Bulk antigen production
    In addition to the capability for formulation and fill, Biovac is also in the process of establishing operations for antigen manufacture off its newly built bacterial fermentation and downstream processing platform.

Biovac is an ANDI Centre of Excellence for manufacturing