A day in the life @ Biovac

A day in the life @ Biovac

“The key to any company’s success is through an engaged and high-performing culture, which one can only achieve through a mutually rewarding give-and-take partnership otherwise known as collaboration” says Chief Human Capital Officer, Lauren Bhayat

A career at Biovac is much more than a job. We recognise that our employees are our most significant resource. For this reason we strive to ensure a progressive, purposeful and mutually beneficial partnership with those who join our dynamic team.

Our commitment to our current and prospective employees is to ensure:

  • A good place to work
  • Meaningful exposure
  • Authentic growth and development
  • Involvement in developing our country one step at a time
  • Work-life integration

Helping you grow

At Biovac, we offer growth and employment opportunities in various ways;

1: Building future skills today

We are proactive in identifying and grooming scholars within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields, as they are our future. We engage, teach, coach and mentor young people in need of opportunities to develop their skills at school level, during tertiary education and after graduation through various learning opportunities within fields such as Pharmacy, Chemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Biotechnology, Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Planning and Logistics.

Ideally, we would like to absorb, as far as possible, those who participate in our learning programmes into our organisation in order to leverage from the learning obtained as a learner.

For more information on our skills development opportunities relating to our Internships, In-Service Training and Learnership just click on the tabs below:

Job shadowing
Our Job shadowing programme caters for grades 11 and 12 pupils with interest in experiencing a day in our pharmaceutical / biotechnological manufacturing sector prior to embarking on their tertiary education journey in a related field.
Learnership Programmes
Our most popular Learnership Programmes are the Pharmacist Assistant Chemical Operations and Supply Chain learnerships.
In-Service & Graduate Programmes
Through our In-Service & Graduate Programmes we develop students and graduates through on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring as well as practical, real-life work experience.
Bursary Programmes
Through our Bursary Programmes we provide sponsored education to eager young talent who show a true commitment to exceptional achievement.
2: Searching for the right skills today

In searching for skills that match your interest just click on any function you are interested in and learn more about how they work at Biovac;

Our Human Capital team is responsible to manage and co-ordinate an effective human capital infrastructure that supports the full life cycle of an employee, including but not limited to talent attraction, recruitment, onboarding, productivity & performance, career progression, talent development, talent retention, employee relations, wellness and ultimately up to exit stage. The Human Capital team are the conduits of people and organisational development and change initiatives across the company as well as leading change linked to specific projects and departments.

Our Finance team is responsible for co-ordinating the company’s expenditure in accordance with its budget. They ensure payments are received from our debtors and expedite payments to creditors. They facilitate cost analysis and measure affordability of manufacturing outputs and projects related thereto. Within Finance is also the Procurement team who are responsible for the company’s tendering process including negotiating services and pricing with existing and potential suppliers.

Our Project Support Office is responsible to facilitate, together with the relevant stakeholders, the planning, implementation monitoring and conclusion of business projects and programmes. Typical projects and programmes include infrastructural products, technology transfer, product development and automation & digitisation projects, 

Our Science & Innovation team is responsible for Product Development related to vaccines and other biologicals, as well as the optimisation of related processes and technologies. Our Team has developed a technology package which has been tech transferred successfully to vaccine manufacturers. 

Our Regulatory team is responsible to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation associated with the registration of new vaccines and other biologicals. This team is also responsible for the registration of dossiers as well as pharmacovigilance

Our Commercial team is responsible for the effective maintenance of our existing business and product pipeline, as well as delivering a good customer experience to our customers and business partners. We serve the business market and while we export to some countries in Southern Africa, our largest customer is South Africa’s Department of Health. Over and above maintain our existing customer base, our commercial team is also responsible for the acquisition of new business.

Our Production team is responsible for the formulation, filling, viewing, labelling, and packaging of vaccines within our sterile manufacturing facility. The production teams are split into rotational shifts that stretch across a day and an afternoon shift. 

Our Quality Control team is responsible for testing of products and raw materials as well as monitoring the environment within which these products are being manufactured to ensure that the product meets the required quality and safety standards before the product is released.

Our Quality Assurance team ensures the development, implementation and monitoring of a well- established Quality Management System that governs the manufacturing and supply of safe, efficacious, and quality assured products that meet quality legislation and best practice standards. Part of quality assurance at Biovac is the validation and qualification of facilities, equipment and processes that impact our manufacturing and product supply process.   

Our Engineering team is mainly responsible for the maintenance and calibration of all equipment on site. They are also responsible for general site maintenance, managing environmental impact of our manufacturing activities and the overall health and safety aspects within the business and its premises.

Our Supply Chain Management team is responsible for planning product demand forecasting and product supply planning. Furthermore, this team oversees the cold chain management, receipt and distribution of all products and product related materials, its warehousing and related inventory control.

Our Corporate & Site Office Services team is responsible for corporate services including but not limited to travel co-ordination, stationery management, cleaning services, transport, deliveries, catering, office space, furniture and general facilities management and support.

Our IT Team is responsible for servicing Software, Hardware, IT related equipment, information storage, data recovery and IT system development. As the company has shifted towards virtual collaboration as a key mode of engaging, the company’s IT infrastructure and IT team support remains crucial aspect of our business operations.