Welcome to Biovac

Biovac is a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Cape Town that is the result of a partnership formed with the South African government in 2003 to establish local vaccine manufacturing capability for the provision of vaccines for national health management and security.

Our vision and mission is to be the leading biopharmaceutical company in Africa, committed to protecting life through the development, end-to-end manufacture & global supply of vaccines and other biologicals.

At Biovac we are committed to making South Africa and the rest of Africa more self-reliant in vaccine development and manufacturing through the science of protecting life. Our solid partnerships with international vaccine R&D and manufacturing organisations have allowed us to bring innovative technologies to the continent. Through steep investment in local infrastructure building and the development of vaccine development and manufacturing skills, the company has secured high profile technology transfers from international pharmaceutical companies for the manufacturing of paediatric vaccines. These partnerships have enabled Biovac to be a frontrunner in establishing the South African vaccine industry, through local infrastructure building, the transfer of sophisticated technology and the building of scarce aseptic manufacturing skills.

Company Infographic

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Biovac is proud to have partnered with The Wellcome Trust and worked with the Boston Consulting Group in the publication of this report  ‘Scaling up African vaccine manufacturing capacity: perspectives from the African vaccine-manufacturing industry.

This report gathers the perspectives of vaccine manufacturers in Africa, highlighting the challenges to scaling up vaccine manufacturing capacity and capabilities, and the areas where manufacturers most need support.  It reviews how initiatives have worked in the past and suggests ways of scoping priority future initiatives. Click here to view the full report.