Biovac’s manufacturing facilities are located in Cape Town. We subscribe to current Good Manufacturing Practice ( cGMP) to which we have a license*

It boasts the following capabilities

  • Upstream processing
    Fermentation, purification ,
  • Downstream processing,
  • Formulation
    In disposable and fixed vessels
  • Filling
    In Vials* and prefilled syringes
  • Inspection, labelling and packaging
    Manual* and automated
  • Quality Control*
    Microbiological testing
    Chemical testing and analysis
    Sterility Testing

In our Quality Policy, we undertake to develop, consistently produce and deliver safe, efficacious and quality-assured products that comply with customer and regulatory
requirements. We also pledge to ensure continual improvement of our Pharmaceutical Quality System.

Our current sterile manufacturing efforts are related to Hexavalent vaccine and Pneumo-conjugate vaccines with our partners, Sanofi Pasteur and Pfizer respectively.