Interns/ In-service Opportunities

  • Job shadowing

Read more….Our Job shadowing programme caters for grades 11 and 12 pupils with interest in experiencing a day in our pharmaceutical / biotechnological manufacturing sectorprior to embarking on their tertiary education journey in a related field.

  • Learnership Programmes

Read more….Our most popular Learnership Programmes are the Pharmacist Assistant Chemical Operations and Supply Chainlearnerships.

Success Story

“The true measure of success in life is not measured by wealth but the relationships built with people throughout the ranks from the cleaner to the boss. Here at Biovac I rate the company’s success at a high rate due to the fact that everyone works together as a family but not a company. My experience here has opened my eyes on how important is to be hygienic and how important health is in the world. I am proud to be a Biovac intern J as I have much to learn and here at Biovac they can teach me”


Mizaan Benjamin- Inservice student


In-Service & Graduate Programmes

Read more….Through our In-Service & Graduate Programmes we develop students and graduates through on-the-job training, coaching and mentoring as well as practical, real-life work experience.

  • Bursary Programmes

Read more….Through our Bursary Programmes we provide sponsored education to eager young talent who show a true commitment to exceptional achievement.


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